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San Mateo Fence and Deck offer installation of wood, vinyl, chain link, and decorative iron fences, with years of industry expertise in San Mateo and surrounding areas. We also specialize in bespoke fence designs, ensuring our client’s demands and preferences are met.

Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction distinguishes us from our competitors. We exclusively utilize high-quality materials, professionals, and experienced specialists to provide perfect service.

San Mateo Fence and Deck create beautiful, practical fences that enhance surroundings. We prioritize excellent service, making the process stress-free. Contact us today.

Types of Fences we offer

San Mateo Fence and Deck provides diverse fencing options for your style and need. Our skilled team installs your perfect fence with precisionWe offer the following fence types:

Wood Fencing

Wood fences are popular owing to their natural appearance and low cost. They are available in various shapes and heights and may be stained or painted to complement the environment. Wood fences provide seclusion and protection for both residential and business premises.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are a cost-effective option that offers security and visibility. They come in various heights and can be coated with vinyl to match the surroundings. Chain link fences are suitable for residential and commercial properties and are commonly used in schools, parks, and sports facilities.

Metal Fencing

Metal fences offer a classic and elegant look that enhances the beauty of any property. They are highly durable and resistant to weather and insect damage. These fences are suitable for residential and commercial properties and offer security and privacy.

Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is a low-maintenance and durable fence made from wood fibers and plastic. They come in various styles and colors, ideal for residential and commercial properties.

Aluminum fencing

Aluminum fences are strong and low-maintenance, ideal for humid or coastal climates. Versatile in design, they come in many colors and styles and can be customized for any property size or shape, providing tailored solutions for gardens, pools, or entire properties.

What to consider when installing your new fence

There are several factors to consider, such as budget and needs, before you install a fence. First, you must engage a professional fencing contractor to determine the best fence for your property. We have years of expertise as fencing contractors and can provide experienced advice on wood, vinyl, chain link, and ornamental iron fences.

Proper fence post installation is crucial for a stable foundation. Our professional fence installers use high-quality materials to ensure your fence lasts for years.

A well-designed, well-maintained fence can enhance your yard’s appearance and increase property value. Consider the impact of a new fence before installation.

While putting up a new fence, consider any utility lines that may run through your property. San Mateo’s Fence and Deck ensure that any post holes are drilled safely and do not interfere with utility lines.

Look no further than San Mateo Fence and Deck if you need a reliable fence installer in San Mateo. Call us now to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in designing the ideal fence for your yard.

Custom Fences and Designs

We specialize in custom fence designs tailored to clients’ needs and preferences. Our process involves consultation, design, approval, and installation, ensuring a perfect fit.

The utmost priority is providing excellent service to clients, making their experience easy and stress-free. We offer both basic fence installations and customized designs.

Fence Repair and Maintenance

San Mateo Fence and Deck provides various repair and maintenance services to keep your fence in good shape. Replace damaged boards, repair sagging gates, and apply stain or sealer to your fence are all our team of specialists can do.

Regular fence maintenance is crucial to prolong the lifespan of your fence. Outdoor exposure, pests, and wear and tear can cause damage that, if not addressed promptly, can become more severe and costly to repair. Frequent maintenance may help prevent concerns from becoming major ones and keep your fence looking and performing at its best.

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San Mateo Fence and Deck is a prominent fence contractor offering various fencing services to match your needs. We provide top-quality materials, excellent regular and custom fence installation service, and unmatched repair and maintenance services.

Our personalized, cost-effective services prioritize your satisfaction. Our dedicated team aims to exceed your expectations with efficient and customized solutions. Contact us for a free consultation or quote for fence installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our team is ready to assist you. Call us today.